Find your inner artist with Prosecco and Proportions

It’s funny how everything becomes a little easier after a sip of Prosecco, even proportions. Drinking Prosecco during a life-drawing event can even help open the doors to your inner artist.

Can’t Draw? It doesn’t matter.

I know what you’re thinking…”No way! I can’t I draw. I was always bad at it. In fact, I’ve never really done it. And when I did, everything was out of proportion.”

Don’t worry. I tell you it doesn’t matter. Have you ever seen abstract art?

Event-based drawing workshops bring the fun back into group work

At Fun Life Draw we bring fun back into the drawing experience. In our group workshops, we loosen up your drawing hands with some entertaining drawing games before we get down to some serious sketching.


We do team drawings to learn more about proportion. And our art tutors give you hints about how to see the shapes and sizes better in relation to each other. That is, they help you understand proportions. It is all about having fun, grabbing the charcoal in your hand and just trying it. You’ll be amazed at the way you see. What’s more, we help you see more clearly with a little Prosecco!

Prosecco plays a positive role

Yes, a little bit of the bubbly fluid not only makes the event more celebratory it helps you concentrate better.

Your group of friends will draw the handsome male model for two hours. Giving you time to see the figure from every angle. With every sip of Prosecco, you will be more relaxed…and find you can draw more in proportion…But even if you don’t, sometimes bigger looks better!