Three reasons to choose a life-drawing experience for your next party

1. ✓Authentic artistic experience

In our two-hour life-drawing events we offer a chance for groups to discover the human figure in an authentic art situation. This is usually only open to students enrolled at art college. Our workshops are set in a creative studio atmosphere. We offer workshops for private and business groups. Whether you are celebrating your Hen party or wanting to build your team, Fun Life Draw workshops open the doors to personal discovery. We do it in a fun way and therefore give a chance for people to get a taste for making real art.

2. ✓Fun and creativity together

We are serious about inspiring you with fun and creativity and we want you to leave the workshop with an artwork you are proud of, as well as a positive experience of making real art. Nothing makes us happier than seeing participants leave a workshop with their own small masterpiece under their arm.

3. ✓Inspiration from a real artist

Our qualified art tutors are not like school teachers. They are open, flexible and experimental. Fun Life Draw always works with professional qualified artists who understand how to make creative workshops a fun event for your hen party or birthday.

Since we love art so much, we love it when people who don’t usually make art get excited about making art, or drawing and being creative. So, this is the third reason to choose a Fun Life Draw event for your Hen party, birthday or team event.

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