Who put the fun back into drawing?

I can’t draw

How often do I hear from people that they can’t draw? Very often. In fact, I hear it almost every time I tell someone about the life-drawing events that I offer for groups at Fun Life Draw.

What people hear first is the word ‘draw’. And they immediately think ‘I can’t’. They don’t hear the word ‘fun’ or ‘life’. These words are essential to the Fun Life Draw workshop concept.

Think of drawing like yoga

We bring the fun back into drawing and sketching and open the door to personal discovery and group creativity in a fun way. And we dare you to come and draw with us. Think of it like yoga. You only get good at the downward dog through practice. It’s the same with sketching.

Erase the bad feelings

Do you carry bad memories and negative feelings from your school art classes? Don’t worry, most people do. You are not alone.  Fun Life Draw wants to erase these feelings for you and give you a new positive feeling of making art. Through our life-drawing and creative workshops, we believe everyone can:

  1. get in touch with their own personal drawing style
  2. begin a journey of creative discovery
  3. learn to feel confident.

And, because my workshops are for groups of friends and colleagues you’ll always have someone to talk to about it with afterwards.

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