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All your questions answered

Looking for a hen party or group event idea? We understand your celebration is important for you, your friends or your team. Here are answers to the most common questions. Have a read and contact us if we have missed something.

Male model as your muse for 1.5 hours or more

Take your artworks home

Call us for pricing for smaller or larger group sizes

All packages suitable for groups from 10-15 participants

Minimum charge of 79€ per person

No age limit but we prefer you to be over 18

Yes. We can create events to suit your special needs

We are LGBT friendly

What happens if we chat up the model?

What happens if we get unbelievably giggly and try to chat up the model or spill Prosecco on the painting? It wouldn’t be the first time! Art is very robust. And so are our models.

Do you also do birthday parties?

Do you also do birthday parties? Yes. We are available for birthdays, office parties, team-building workshops, anniversaries…any excuse will do. You can have an event out of the box or we can create something specially for you. Just ask us. Let us know more about your requirements when you send us a booking request.

How long is a workshop event?

How long is a workshop event? We have three main event packages ranging from 1.5-hours to 3-hours long. The most popular event runs for two hours. If you book a workshop please be sure to come on time. Our workshops can’t run over time if you come late.

Do you offer art events without the model?

Do you offer art events without the model? Yes. An alternative to a life-drawing event is a creative art workshop where you get to paint and draw with your friends and to make a special artwork together. In a recent workshop the girls made a beautiful handmade book of colourful artworks for the bride-to-be. When you send us a booking request tell us what you would like to do. We love being able to provide the perfect art experience for your groups needs. Contact us for more details.

Is the model nude?

Is the model nude? Yes! That is why it’s a called a life-drawing event. Life-drawing in art school means that you get to draw the nude human figure. If you don’t want full nudity but still want to draw the human figure let us know when you make your booking request. We can suggest some other options like themed costumes. Nude or not, we love it when our groups have fun while experiencing learning how to draw!

What happens during the class?

What happens during the class? Anything can happen with a glass of bubbly in the hand, music and a handsome man! No really. You will have an experience drawing the nude human figure using real artist materials. The tutor will guide you with some drawing games and exercises.  Prosecco helps bring out your laughter. This event is open to anyone who can hold a pencil. No experience necessary. If you opt for the creative workshop without the model the drawings games will be different but equally fun.

Can we photograph the model?

Can we photograph the model? There is an opportunity for a group photo session with the model in every workshop. Some models are more private than others and often don’t like having their image put up on social media. So, for other photos during the event, you’ll need to ask the model. You can understand why.