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All your questions answered

Looking for hen party or event ideas? We understand your celebration is important for you, your friends or your team. Here are answers to the most common questions. Have a read and contact us if we have missed something.

Male model as your muse for 1.5 hours or more

Take your artworks home

Call us for pricing for smaller or larger group sizes

All packages suitable for groups from 10-15 participants

Minimum charge of 79€ per person

No age limit but we prefer you to be over 18

Yes. We can create events to suit your special needs

We are LGBT friendly

What is included in a Fun Life Draw workshop?

The price of our life drawing workshops includes drawing games, a fantastic model, art materials, venue hire in a convenient location, a fun photo session with the model, and brilliant tutors. Our creative workshops are the same without the model but with a personalised motto.

Are the models handsome?


But what if I can’t draw or paint?

Don’t worry – most of our hens have little or no art experience, but greatly enjoy this different hen party activity. You will be guided by professional artists who can give you drawing or painting tips. The idea is to relax and have fun while your drawing skills improve during the class. We often get feedback that the hens didn’t realise they were artistic and could draw!

Can we leave stuff at the studio to be picked up at a later date?

Everything you want to keep needs to be taken with you on the day.

What happens if we get unbelievably giggly and try to chat up the model or spill Prosecco on the painting?

It wouldn’t be the first time!

Do you only do hen parties?

No, we are available for birthdays, office parties, team-building workshops, anniversaries…any excuse will do. You can have an event out of the box but we can also create something specially for you. Just ask us.

How long does the workshop run for?

The normal workshop runs for two hours. Please come on time because our classes cannot run over time if you come late.

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